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(1) Heavy Duty Spring for Vertigo & Sentinel Series Whips

If you've been waiting for heavy-duty springs to run on your whips....

Good news... The wait is over!

These springs are strong, and also add that peace of mind knowing that you'll have that extra flex if running through the tight stuff.

These springs, as well as our bases, now utilize 1/2" mounting hardware. 

If you have a set of our whips with 3/8" hardware and want to run springs, you simply need to purchase a new outer sleeve base with your springs.

Please note however there is a slightly increased tolerance between the old style inner sleeve and the new outer sleeve with 1/2" hardware needed for the springs. 

We tried to keep the sizing as close as possible to allow customers who've already purchased whips the option of running springs.


What you will receive:


(1) Heavy-duty spring


(1) Heavy Duty Spring for Vertigo & Sentinel Series Whips

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