Manufacturers Defect Warranty

We check that all of our products are in working condition before we ship them to you, however, we understand that products can malfunction.


If this happens please email us at List your name, date of purchase, type of product purchased, and the issues with your product. We will email you the return shipping address. Once we receive your product we will inspect the item and determine if it is a manufacturer defect. If we find this to be the case we will replace your item free of charge. 

***Please be advised that any altering of your purchase will void the manufacturers defect warranty.***

This includes, but not limited to,  cutting of the wiring harness, any rewiring that was done to alter the original design,  and any cuts, scratches or impact damage to the outer covering of the LED's.


We have broken and damaged products before and we understand that you might as well.  If this happens we are happy to repair your item for 50% of the current full retail price plus shipping.


You will need to contact us at with your name, date of purchase, type of product purchased, and how it was damaged. You will also need to send back your original product to us. Once your original product is received we will call you for payment.