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Bluetooth Custom Color Wide-Angle Rock Light Kit w/Brake & Turn Signal Functions

If you're looking for the brightest multicolor rock light kit on the market, our NoCo Whips Rock Light Kit will NOT disappoint!

With 24 LED's per pod.... These things are BRIGHT!!!


Included are your choice of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 pods that run in series, connecting to one another. Not only does this minimize wiring bulk, it also simplifies install.


These are RGB rock lights. But unlike the competition, when these pods are set to white, rest assure that you will be getting a super clean, extremely bright white light. 


Controlled via an app on your phone, you have 16 different modes that you can completely customize with color selection and pattern direction. Or choose the auto mode and let the rock lights cycle through an array of patterns and modes. You can also set each mode to strobe, or even dance to the music with the included music mode. 


As an added safety feature, these rock lights can be wired into your brake lights. If you have a turn signal kit installed, they can even be wired into your turn signals.


If solid colors are your thing, pick between an endless option of solid colors with the color wheel.


And the best thing....

For those looking to show their patriotism, you'll be happy to know that you can customize each of these modes to proudly represent our red, white, and blue in multiple patterns!


Plus they are covered by NoCo Whips Un-Restricted LIFETIME WARRANTY

Bluetooth Custom Color Wide-Angle Rock Light Kit w/Brake & Turn Signal Functions

PriceFrom $174.95
    • 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 pods
    • 24 LED's per pod
    • Bluetooth controlled
    • Brake & turn signal function
    • 16 customizeable modes
    • Unlimited solid colors
    • True white light
    • Red, white, & blue available in all modes
    • Un-restricted LIFETIME WARRANTY
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