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High Lifter Portal Gear Lift 4'' RZR Turbo S (4 Seater) - 30% Dual Idler

High Lifter Portal Gear Lift (Each kit includes 4 portal boxes)

What does the Dual Idler Gear Lift offer?


  • High Lifter improved the portal design by adding a second idler gear in the gear box
  • The dual idler gears spread the load over twice as many teeth on the gear sets, which doubles the area and reduces stress by half.
  • You gain more reliable torque transfer
  • If you run a 40” tire or larger, this is the ideal gear ratio and the dual idler gears are almost a must
  • Stop burning up belts and breaking so many axles; differentials; drive shafts; snorkel gears…
  • Gear reduction extends brake life by needing brakes less often due to greatly improved engine braking
  • Even though a lower gear ratio will get your speedometer closer to a stock reading, that is still too high a gear to offset the loss of torque caused by the larger tires. If you don’t have a need to run fast, a lower ratio performs better and give you the power you want!


New Features: 
Forged Gear Boxes Stronger than Billet and Cast
Strongest Backing Plate Made
Advanced Sealing with Kevlar Fiber Gaskets
Precision Ground Stainless Steel Rotors 
100% More Sealing Surface
Vented Gear Box


30% Gear Reduction – Gives you greater low-end torque for the trail
Power on Tap – More power to the ground with less engine wind up
Lift It Up – Gain additional 4” lift plus improved track width
Built Tough – Built with 6061 Aluminum and designed for the toughest terrain you can throw at them
Great Ride – Get all the benefits of added torque and better clearance without compromising factory ride or suspension angles
Camber adjusting shims – Adding or removing shims can adjust camber by -1.25° to a +2°
Perfect Machining – We stand behind the quality of our product 100%. The kits have been specially designed and machined to fit your ride perfectly
Slotted Brake Rotors – Slots carved into the flat metal surface move gas, heat and water away from the surface of these rotors to improve braking performance


Tire Fitment:
Largest Tire with Portal: 33"
Largest Tire with Forward Arms: 35"
Our stated tire fitment guide is a general fitment and is in no way guaranteed. Tires and lifts vary by manufacture and tire fitment can be affected by other modifications. Always verify your brand of tires, lift, and other modifications prior to making a buying decision.


Wheel Requirements:
14" or larger
14" factory wheels must run 1" spacer
14" & 15" can not exceed 4-1/2" backspacing
16" & larger can not exceed 5" backspacing

High Lifter Portal Gear Lift 4'' RZR Turbo S (4 Seater) - 30% Dual Idler

  • 2019 Polaris RZR TURBO XP 4 S
    2020 Polaris RZR TURBO XP 4S
    2020 Polaris RZR TURBO XP 4S Velocity
    2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S 4
    2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S 4 Velocity
    2021 Polaris RZR Turbo S 4 Lifted Lime

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