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MTS Offroad Polaris RZR Spring Kit

The MTS OFF-ROAD RZR DUAL RATE SPRING KIT allows you to utilize ALL the capabilities of your UTV's suspension. Each kit is CUSTOM DESIGNED to match your machine, driving style, & terrain preferences (Mountain Trail, Rock Crawling, and Desert / Dune). We only use the HIGHEST QUALITY of springs in the industry so you can achieve a COMFORTABLE RIDING EXPERIENCE with MORE ADJUSTABILITY that's been tailored to your needs. Instantly you will notice the benefits of:


  • ENHANCED stability
  • SMOOTHER ride quality
  • REDUCED nose diving & bucking.
  • INCREASED ride height & bottom-out RESISTANCE


If you've added accessories or upgrades to your side-by-side, then there is a high chance your ride height sits lower than when you first got it. Unlike factory springs that start to collapse after miles of abuse, our springs are INCREDIBLY DURABLE and have been R&D TESTED to ensure they WILL NOT SAG over time.


*Please print and fill out the included questionaire and email it to


*Kits shown may vary from actual products received based on information provided by customers*

MTS Offroad Polaris RZR Spring Kit

PriceFrom $900.00
    • 8 High Quality Springs
    • 4 Billet crossover rings
    • 4 Spring Dividers & Adapters
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Easy DIY installation
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